November one of the preferred months of the year to take a break from our routine lives. With the winters crawling in and the following month being a festive one, which is going to hectic and tiring filled with shopping and celebrations, its high time we give ourselves a well-deserved break.

New South Wales Australia

Beaches that are a feast for the eye, one of the best and diverse kinds of seafood to devour and flawless beach roads for amazing rides and drives how much better a vacation could get? It is not just about the beaches, the food, and the streets, the entire location itself is heaven on earth


The subcontinent known to be one of the hottest countries in the world goes through a drastic makeover during November and December. The winter arrives and anyone witnesses a different India in terms of the weather and climatic conditions. The month of November is the time when Diwali, the festival of lights is celebrated. To witness the entire country light up the sky is nothing less than a treat. There are also other travel destinations all over the country where you can rejuvenate yourself.

The Philippines

Looking for a trip filled with adventures and exotic beaches the Philippines is the place where you need to be. With more than 1000 islands across the country, November is the most preferred month for any tourist to drop by. With a lot of adventure sports like scuba diving, snorkeling, and jet skiing. The Philippines would definitely give an experience of a lifetime.

Florida, USA

The state in the USA is known for some of the best beaches in the world. When it comes to Florida, it houses some the well-known theme parks all around the globe, including Disney World and Universal Studious Epcot. The entire state is filled with some amazing restaurants, the food in Florida is something that won’t disappoint you.

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Have you ever had any ideas to meet polar bears not trapped inside the cage? Churchill, Canada is the place to be. Located right in the north of Manitoba in Hudson Bay, which really not far from the Arctic. Churchill is known as the Polar Bear capital of the world. Recommended in the month of November because of this the time of the year when snow is a bit low.

La Palma, Canary Islands Spain

It is just ironic that a place that so many numbers of volcanoes, has such a striking beauty. Bestowed with rich flora and fauna, this place is extremely diverse biodiversity. The place is also known for some of the rare species of plants. The place also has other mandatory entities which makes it a preferred tourist destination including stunning sea resorts, restaurants that provide tasty food.

New York, USA

New York, known as the city that never sleeps, the city is more than just tall buildings, busy roads, and buzzing people. As this is the time of the year when autumn crawls in the leaves in the central park starts to fall, just being there among those trees is absolute bliss.

If you are a tourist and if you are New York at this time you are damn lucky. The time of thanksgiving, the pies, the turkey and parades things couldn’t get any better.